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Mrs Connie Ang says: My son Stephen looks forward to his time with tutor Aaron. He feels empowered to do better in his classes. tutor Aaron is an outstanding motivator and able to impinge on Stephen the importance of practicing Maths outside tuition hours and to take pride in his work. We have really benefited from Madam Sim’s tutor matching and tutor Aaron’s teaching.


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Parent’s Testimonials


Many parents are pleased with ExcelStar Tuition’s tutor matching service, here are some of the many testimonials.

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Mrs Wong says:

Thanks Mdm Sim! We are very pleased with the tutor you have recommended for Marcus. Zoey is a God-sent mentor, coach & tutor all-3-in-1. My 2 children Chester and Cheryl adore and respect her. They now have steadily moved from borderline marks to 75 marks! Their school teachers are amazed at their improvements in Maths. I have recommended your services to my sister-in-laws. I hope you refer dedicated tutors such as Zoey to them.

Mr Ho says:

Mrs Aw could have been a school teacher. She awes us with her knowledge on the current school curriculum and the most updated teaching methods. It’s no wonder that she is a well sought after tutor given her diverse experience and wisdom. I am fortunate to have met her through Mdm Sim. If not for Mrs Aw, my daughter Wen Xin, would have flung her Maths paper during her N levels. Mrs Aw has good initiatives, she ensures Wen Xin understand each topic thoroughly before she moves on. The corrections Wen Xin has done, helps with the retention. Thank you both Mdm Sim and Mrs Aw!

欧太太 says:

Mdm Sim 是一位尽责的老师。她对我儿子明君的循循善诱,我们都很感激她。我儿子的数学成绩一向都不及格,严重地打击他的自信心。自从Mdm Sim 给他补习后,我们在三个月内看到了明显的进步,明君从不及格的分数,跳跃一个级别,升到了C6。去年他的O Level EMaths 拿A1, AMaths 也拿A1。真是在我们的意料之外呢。除了多谢以外,还是多谢!

Melody says:

Thanks for the quick response to my request for tutors. Great work! When my mum suggested that I look for a tutor, I was worried that the tutor would be unable to help me in my H2 Physics. Mrs Sheila, recommended by Mdm Sim, is encouraging and helps restore my faith in myself. With her weekly pop-quizzes and summaries, I am grateful that I finally got a B in Physics. I used to think Physics is boring and I could not handle it. Now I know that everything is possible. Thanks Mrs Sheila.

Seth says:

Undergraduate tutor Vince has been an excellent tutor to my daughter! Pink was stumped by H2 Maths and contemplated dropping the subject at A levels. Fortunately Mdm Sim advised us to give Vince a trial lesson. The rest is history. Vince could relate to Pink’s struggles and the pair worked hand in hand. To cut the story short, Pink scored a B for H2 Maths and there are 2 people who helped Pink achieve this remarkable grade. Thank you Vince, Thank you Mdm Sim.

If you are pleased with ExcelStar’s services and would like to send us a Testimonial, please use the Contact Us form.

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